Third Degree: Bill Crider

Award-winning Texan mystery novelist Bill Crider is hauled into crimetimepreview HQ to answer questions about his criminal viewing proclivities…

Your favourite British crime series or thriller on TV?
Is Z Cars still on? I even have a novelization of that one. But currently, it would be Sherlock.

Favourite US crime series or thriller on TV?
At the moment, Terriers, but only because Justified is on hiatus.

Top TV cop?
An easy one. Joe Friday [Dragnet], hands down.

Which unfilmed book/character should be made into a TV drama?
You mean aside from my books, right? Then I’d have to say Lee Child’s Jack Reacher should become a movie franchise for someone.

If one of your novels were filmed, who would you cast to be the hero?
I used to think James Garner would be great as Sheriff Dan Rhodes. Now, maybe Tommy Lee Jones.

What do you watch with a guilty conscience?
I hardly ever feel guilty about watching TV, but I do feel a bit that way about Castle.  I’m not fond of the mystery elements or the procedure, but I like Nathan Fillion and his mother and daughter. 

Least favourite cop show/thriller?
I’ve never been fond of any of the CSI franchise. I watched a couple of shows but couldn’t get interested.

Do you prefer The Wire or The Sopranos?
The Wire.

Marple/Poirot or Sherlock Holmes?
Holmes, but then I started reading him a few years before I discovered Christie.

US or British television crime dramas?
Mostly I watch the US shows if I watch at all.

Your favourite crime/thriller writers?
Far too many to name, but I love the old stuff by Hammett, Chandler, and Ross MacDonald. And then there are John D MacDonald, Harry Whittington, Gil Brewer, Day Keene, Donald Hamilton and don’t get me started. I could keep going for far too long.  Brits: Alistair MacLean, Eric Ambler, Dick Francis, Jack Higgins (especially the earlier books), and many more.

Favourite non-crime/thriller author
Again, too many to name.  I was an English major in college, and I love reading just about anything.  US writers: Hemingway, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Joseph Heller, and on and on and on. Brits: Dickens would be at the top of the list, but I like Maugham, Forster, and a host of others.  More contemporary, George MacDonald Fraser.

Favourite crime movie or thriller?
Tough call.  If I had to name just one, it would probably be the Bogart’s The Big Sleep, but Chinatown is a close second.

You’ve been framed for murder. Which fictional detective/sleuth would you want to call up?
Ross Macdonald’s Lew Archer. He’s the kind of guy who’d keep on digging until he found out the truth of the matter.

• Bill Crider’s 17th novel in the Sheriff Dan Rhodes mystery series, Murder in the Air, is out now.

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