Sherlock 2013, more Luther and what about Endeavour?

• It’s no surprise that Sherlock will be back, probably in 2013 owing to the movie commitments of the leads, Benedict Cumberbatch (Star Trek) and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit). The Beeb would surely come under siege if creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss hadn’t promised (via Twitter) to reveal how on earth Sherlock defied death after jumping off that building in ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ last night (provoking furious arguments in my house, at least). The three 90-minute stories have fizzed with humour and ingenuity in updating Holmes, clocking up 8-9million viewers a time, and it would be a crime of Moriarty proportions if the series had been cancelled now.

CrimeTimePreview has been bombarded with thousands of hits since Endeavour went out on ITV1, with all but one of the comments saying it was terrific. Inevitably, viewers have been saying ITV1 must turn it into a series. I’ve asked the channel what’s happening and they say ‘discussions on an editorial and practical level’ have to be thrashed out before a decision is announced. But if Scott & Bailey can be recommissioned, surely the Morse prequel is a shoo-in.
• Meanwhile, ITV1 have announced a five-parter called Mrs Biggs, about the wife of train robber Ronnie Biggs. Ironically, Charmian fell for Ronnie as a teenager travelling on a train. Money worries eventually forced Biggs to ask for a loan from an old friend, who turned out to Bruce Reynolds, at that moment planning one of the most famous crimes in British history – the Great Train Robbery of 1963.
• The BBC has decided to do another series of the rather so-so Death in Paradise and rather edgier Luther. With Idris Elba picking up a Golden Globe last night for his screen-filling performance as the  crazed detective, Luther‘s return was only to be expected.
• But no news on Garrow’s Law! Come on, BBC. The show doesn’t deserve m’lud’s noose just yet.


  1. Why would ITV1 bother digging up Morse’s (beloved) bones if they did not plan on doing a whole series? It makes no sense to me. Even if they started making new episodes today they would not be ready until much later this year. ITV1 tested the waters to see if they could revive a franchise (in addition to the already-great Lewis), and now they are testing the patience of Morse fans everywhere. What a bunch of a**holes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “But no news on Garrow’s Law! Come on, BBC. The show doesn’t deserve m’lud’s noose just yet.”

    Couldn’t agree more!

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