Murdoch Mysteries series 5 PREVIEW

Murdoch of the Klondike – with Jack London. (Pics: Alibi)

Rating: ★★★½

Alibi, Tuesdays from 28 February, 9pm

Story: Murdoch has left the Toronto police behind after being suspended and is prospecting for gold in the Canadian Rockies. He is heartbroken and feels guilty over a case he mishandled. But then he meets a woman who is suspected of murder…

This is a quirky series – CSI meets a Victorian Toronto populated by British soap actors. Not only is it set in the past but it is a distinctly old-fashioned bit of TV, having the look and feel of a hit series from the 1970s.

Not easily rattled – Dr Emily Grace

That is probably the secret of its success, being a straight good-triumphing-over-evil drama, with little bad language or gore, despite the frequent morgue scenes. The stories are based on the novels of Maureen Jennings and follow detective William Murdoch as he tries to solve murders using fledgling forensic techniques.

Murdoch, played by the doleful Yannick Bisson, may be quick on the new technology but he is a ditherer when it comes to romance. As the new series begins, he is still nursing a broken heart over Dr Ogden, who, after four series of Murdoch’s faffing, finally married someone else.

EastEnders’ Jill Halfpenny
So, having also been suspended over an investigation that went wrong, he is out in the Rockies prospecting for gold, and here we meet the show’s big star – the fantastic scenery. Canada is simply stunning and looks convincingly like a lawless frontier. Anyway, while trying to keep a low profile, Murdoch meets Elizabeth Bryant (EastEnders and Waterloo Road‘s Jill Halfpenny), who is suspected of murder.

He tries not to get involved, but when she learns he is a detective and won’t help her, he feels guilty. It’s not long before Murdoch gets technical, in the forensic sense, with the bemused Mounties, and uncovers a murderous plot concerning gold.

A trademark of the series is its use of real historical events and figures, and in this opener Murdoch is helped by a young American about to become a famous writer – Jack London.

Murdoch – Yannick Bisson

Your chance to question Murdoch
Here the show get seriously corny. When London asks Murdoch if he will ever return to the Rockies, he replies, ‘If I feel the call of the wild.’ Talk about hitting rocky bottom.

Meanwhile, Constable Crabtree struggles in Murdoch’s absence, there’s a new face in the pathology department, Dr Emily Grace, and it’s good to see inspector Brackenreid back in the shape of former Corrie star Thomas Craig, the most red-blooded actor in the show.

Murdoch Mysteries is a decent bit of mainstream entertainment, and its historical mysteries are interesting and fun enough to make it a worldwide hit. A sixth series goes into production in April.

Alibi channel is thrilled to have this new series exclusively and is inviting fans to submit questions to Yannick Bisson at this link.

Cast: Yannick Bisson Detective William Murdoch, Helene Joy Julia Ogden, Jonny Harris Constable George Crabtree, Thomas Craig Brackenreid, Lachlan Murdoch Higgins, Georgina Reilly Dr Emily Grace, Nigel Bennett Chief Constable Giles, Jill Halfpenny Elizabeth Bryant, Paul Braunstein Arlen Pike, Aaron Ashmore Jack London, Mike McPhaden Isaac McKay, Matt Cooke Sam Steele, Jennifer Kydd Kate Linfield, Shauna MacDonald Mrs Billings, Brian Fidler Assayer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    love the murdock mysteries sorry theydecided to have Dr.odgen marry someone else…….the spark between them was great when will the new DVD be on sale ……….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Helena Joy as Julia Ogden is delightful – every move, gesture and expression is a joy to watch. You can almost hear what she is thinking. A perfect foil for Yannick Bisson who is also made for this role – can’t imagine anyone else as Murdoch. Wish Alibi would put out more episodes which are not constant repeats of episodes I’ve already seen.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I too love this series and so want Murdoch and Julia to wind up together. I have watched the episodes out of order (Seasons 4 & 5) in rerun and now I just bought Season 1. C’mon CBC I cant wait for Season 6 and 😛 to CityTV for being so foolish as to let this show go!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You’re kidding, right? I know everyone is entitled to their opinion these days but describing Murdoch Mysteries as “a decent bit of…entertainment” is like saying that Christmas is “an alright holiday.” Murdoch Mysteries is the best show in television these days. What’s better? Certainly not the slew of trashy reality TV I’m faced with (spoiled baby beauty queens, anyone?. Every episode of MM is fascinating and has plenty of twists. The characters are well-drawn and interesting. The history is fascinating. The humour is great. And it’s a show I can watch around my children b/c it’s not overly gory or scary, unlike CSI. I can’t believe CTV let this show go, with all of the awards it’s won. I’d be heartbroken to see this show leave television. Bring on the new episodes!

  5. Anonymous says:

    love Murdoch Mysteries. Crabtree and Dr Grace are adorable. would like to see more of Brakenreid’s wife ordering him around.
    unfortunately, Helene Joy looks several years older than Yannick Bisson and that certainly detracts from their characters ‘romance’.

  6. I love the series. I had never heard of it until I found it on Netflix. Unfortunately, Netflix only had the first three episodes, so I had to find the rest elsewhere. Anyway, did anyone notice on season 5, episode 4, Dr. Grace says that one of the suspects was run over by a “fire truck?” I suspect that they didn’t call fire wagons fire trucks back then. Perhaps that was just a mistake.

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