Elementary trailer – Sherlock in modern-day New York

Here’s a trailer for Elementary, CBS’s own modern update of Sherlock Holmes, following the Beeb’s brilliant success in Sherlock. Jonny Lee Miller is the sleuth and Lucy Liu plays Watson. See what you think. To me it doesn’t seem to have the edge that Steven Moffat’s Sherlock, and JLM plays the part a bit too jokily. Radio Times also has a piece about Moffat saying that the US version is too far removed from the original stories. See what you make of it – comments below!


  1. It looks … alright. I like LL, though.

  2. While the success of the British version of the character played a part, I suspect CBS was more inspired by the movie box office of Robert Downey’s “Sherlock Holmes.”

    Wonder if the CBS version will have the same romantic tension the BBC version has.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love, love, love JLM. Really one of the best actors around.

  4. Like many American shows, it seems more about (American) style than substance.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Another American cash-in. It’s a shame, I really like both LL and JLM but this show kind of makes me want to hit something. Sad thing is, it’ll probably be really big with non-Sherlock Holmes fans and get like six seasons…

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