Wallander returns in July

Wallander (Kenneth Branagh) and Ann-Britt Hoglund (Sarah Smart). Pic: BBC/Left Bank

The third series of Kenneth Branagh’s Wallander is back on BBC1 on Sunday, 8 July. The first of three investigations based on the stories of Swedish author Henning Mankell, An Event in Autumn, will get the season rolling. Kurt is seeking a new life in the countryside, only to find a corpse buried at the back of his garden… No wonder he’s always a bit glum. CrimeTimePreview will have a full preview of the opener tomorrow. In the meantime, who is the best Wallander ever? Comments below, please…

  • Swedish TV’s Krister Henriksson
  • Swedish mini series’ Rolf Lassgård
  • BBC’s Kenneth Branagh

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  1. Woody says:

    Krister Henriksson is my favorite. Branagh is a good actor, but his Wallander is too overwrought. Branagh’s Wallander seems perpetually desperate.

    I think Henriksson strikes a better balance.

  2. Kenneth Branagh plays Wallander exactly like Henning Mankell wrote him, plus Yellow Bird makes each episode look gorgeous. Henriksson’s semi-content and more amiable Wallander is not a true Wallander, although those episodes are still enjoyable.

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