CSI: Miami series 10 starring David Caruso PREVIEW

Rating: ★★★

Channel 5: Saturdays, starts 21 July, 10.10pm

Story: Horatio strives desperately to save Natalia, before setting a trap for Randy North. In episode 2, Wolf is called to a murder scene at an expensive hotel, where the wealthy victim turns out to be a gigolo.

The tilt of the head, the clenched delivery of his questions, the eyes narrowed – David Caruso’s Horatio Caine is back for one last series of CSI: Miami.

The slick forensic investigations into the murders in the Florida paradise have been hugely popular around the world since 2002. It resurrected Caruso’s career, which was riding high in the 1990s in NYPD Blue, until he left and tried to establish himself as a leading man in movies. However, Kiss of Death and the terrible Jade sent his soaring career into tailspin – until CSI: Miami.

Caruso’s performance has shrunk
This is not as good a show as NYPD Blue, which had far more heart in its depiction of big city cops battling to do the right thing, with Caruso’s John Kelly teamed up with the excellent Dennis Franz as Andy Sipowicz.

CSI: Miami, made by CBS and a long way from the brilliant dramas being made these days by HBO and AMC, is formulaic and Caruso’s performance seems to have shrunk to a series of ticks and gimmicks.

Forensic TV genre
That’s not to say that the formula hasn’t been lapped up by viewers, with CSI and its spin-offs in Miami and New York triggering the forensic TV genre, including gorefests such as Waking the Dead, Silent Witness and Bones.

But the special effects camera along drainpipes, through bodies and bullet trajectories to explain modes of death are coming to an end – in Miami at least (CSI and CSI: New York live on).

As one past episode title put it – Bone Voyage.

Cast: David Caruso Horatio Caine, Emily Procter Calleigh Duquesne, Jonathan Togo Ryan Wolfe, Rex Linn Frank Tripp, Eva La Rue Natalia Boa Vista, Omar Miller Walter Simmons, Adam Rodriquez Eric Delko

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  1. Anonymous says:

    so sad to see this is the last series good luck to all the cast for the furture a big fan

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