Murder: Joint Enterprise, BBC2, starring Karla Crome and Robert Pugh PREVIEW

BBC2 Joe Dempsie, Karla Crome
Stefan and Coleen – did they act together in killing Erin? Pics: BBC

Rating: ★★★★½ 

BBC2: Sunday, 26 August, 10pm

Story: A woman lies dead in a Nottingham flat, her terrified sister barricaded in the bathroom. At 2am a young man in a bloodstained shirt is pulled over for speeding. The three only met that afternoon – what happened in those fatal hours? All there is to go on is what the two survivors say.

Birger Larsen, who called the shots on The Killing, came to the UK to direct this documentary-style murder drama that is bold, messy and totally compelling.

The hour-long narrative delving into the death of Erin at the Nottingham flat she shared with her sister, Coleen, is fragmentary, told to camera by those involved in the case in conflicting and self-serving statements. as well as in flashbacks, CCTV footage, family snapshots and evidence photos.

Erin is killed with an Amaretto bottle
It’s messy because real life is messy, and the script by Robert Jones resoundingly exposes the fallacy of most TV crime shows with their neat denouements. Murder: Joint Enterprise taxes the viewer by forcing you to try to locate the truth in what unfolds.

BBC2 Stephen Dillane
Raglin, the prosecution QC outlines his tactics

At first, it seems clear cut. Erin and Coleen are out at a snooker hall when they meet Stefan, who barges his way back to their flat. Coleen says she felt threatened by the pushy young man and that he killed Erin while she was locked in the bathroom. Stefan is arrested later that evening while driving Erin’s car, and has her blood on him. Erin was battered with an Amaretto bottle.

The case is not as clear as it first appears
But by day two of the investigation, the story shifts. Erin and Coleen, abandoned nine years before by their mother, often fought. Was there some sexual rivalry between the sisters with Stefan back at the flat. What was the role of Coleen’s boyfriend, Heskett Jupp, in what happened.

And while Stefan admits he’s ‘done stuff’, he denies murder. The past histories of Stefan and the sisters clearly impacts on their present day lives and hang-ups, and Robert Jones’s script – which he says was the hardest he’s ever written – sensitively explores their backgrounds, particularly the trauma caused by the sisters being deserted by their mother.

Coleen says of the time after she was taken into care, ‘There’s something about being locked out of your own flat and looking in. It’s like being dead.’

Claire Rushbrook
Claire Rushbrook as mum Ellen

We only briefly see the characters interacting, and that’s a CCTV glimpse of Coleen and her mother. But the truth slowly comes into focus as the twisting trial of Stefan and Coleen proceeds and then a final revealing flashback gives us the full, disconcerting picture.

It’s a haunting, atmospheric and affecting hour, brilliantly acted and directed. And unlike most mainstream dramas, it packs an ending that sticks in your mind for some time after. Terrific.

Cast: Karla Crome Coleen, Joe Dempsie Stefan, Stephen Dillane Raglin, Robert Pugh DI Sheehy, Claire Rushbrook Ellen, Lara Rossi Erin, Darren Campbell Heskett Jupp, Lauren Socha Deena, Kate Donnelly Pathologist

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought this was tedious, dreary and a total waste of an hour of my life. Who cares what happens to a bunch of lowlifes? And the directorial style was pretentious beyond belief. My score: 0/*****

  2. Anonymous says:

    Completely disagree. I’m sick of American, slick cop shows where beautiful people kill each other bloodlessly in attractive locations, and the crime gets solved by beautiful cops in 42 minutes, not including the adverts. This was seedy, nasty, dirty and unpleasant, like murders usually are, and it was brilliantly acted.

  3. What the second ‘Anonymous’ said. Plus: so compelling – and clever in the way it drew the viewer in, with a ‘drip-feed’ of events – it kept me up watching even though I was knack’d and longing to hit the sack! Brilliant script/direction as well as acting. And it was even more unusual in presenting us with a satisfying ending, both dramatically powerful and morally disturbing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How did Colleen barricade herself back in the bathroom at the end? The police had to break the bathroom door down.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wonderfully acted directed and written absolute perfection.
    Thank you

  6. Anonymous says:

    joe dempsie is rilliant one to watch out for without question and so too is Karla Crome who as sad impressed me in Hit and Miss also, both are very promising and this is good work, I agree Karla is a babe, stunning girl

  7. Anonymous says:

    The person who directed this rubbish should have talked to real people who’s life has been affected by this disgusting law.Since when have you had to be responsible for other people’s actions.Try telling that to the 235 miners in africa who have all been charged with murder under joint enterprise.This director hasen’t got a clue.Look at JENGbA’s website and just see what is going on in this country.

  8. The case itself is really mysterious. I love crime solving shows but this is really disappointing. It really lacks a whole lot.

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