New Tricks series nine DVD REVIEW

DVD: ★★★★ 

This month New Tricks has been knocking EastEnders off BBC1’s top spot.

Fans of this quietly but hugely popular series about the retired coppers delving into old cases won’t have to wait long for the DVD and Blu-ray boxsets of series nine to appear, with both coming out in November.

But is this series the final glorious blast from the show? With the excellent and much-liked James Bolam bowing out in episode one, it seemed that the chemistry between Amanda Redman, Alun Armstrong and Dennis Waterman could have been dented for good.

However, Denis Lawson’s joining the crew in episode four as retired Glasgow detective Steve McAndrew did inject a little fresh feistiness into the quartet. Particularly enjoyable has been the way he’s got up the nose of Gerry Standing (Waterman).

It seems the cast shake-up has not convinced Amanda Redman to stay, the actress recently announcing she was leaving after 10 years as detective superintendent Sandra Pullman. Alun Armstrong, who plays Brian Lane, also seems to be leaving. Which means series nine is the last featuring the original gang, and begs the question of will there be many more series to come (Armstrong is committed to one more season).

Despite some of the cast moving on, and they have even criticised the show for being at times blander than it used to be, in the eyes of its fans, New Tricks series nine has still been much-see television.

DVD: release date 5 November, RRP £25.99
Blu-ray: release date 26 November, RRP £25.99

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