The Glades series one with Matt Passmore PREVIEW

Rating: ★★★ 

Alibi: Tuesdays 9pm 

Story: Detective Jim Longworth has left the Chicago police after being shot in the buttocks by his boss, who thought Jim was having sex with his wife. He’s come south to Florida seeking the simple life that will include sunshine, golf and a little investigating…

The Glades is an amiable procedural cop show set in Florida. It looks like a holiday ad and has a light touch to the dark subject of murder, but if you’re after an untaxing bit of entertainment after a day at the office, you could do worse.

It’s made by A&E Network in the States, who are not in the same league as HBO or AMC, makers of modern classics such as Boardwalk Empire and Breaking Bad.  

The Glades is more like an inoffensive show from the 1970s, lots of wisecracking but little emotional depth. However, it is slickly put together, with this week’s episode interweaving a hurricane, a little hospital drama and Jim’s investigation into a series of murders, the victims having been about to attend a high school reunion.

There’s nothing in the formula here we haven’t seen in a dozen other US cop shows, but The Glades does have a small and loyal fanbase in America, and a fourth series has just been commissioned.

Cast: Matt Passmore Det Jim Longworth, Kiele Sanchez Callie Cargill, Carlos Gomez Dr Carlos Sanchez, Jordan Wall Daniel Green, Michelle Hurd Colleen Manus, Uriah Shelton Jeff Cargill

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