Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Alibi, starring Essie Davis, PREVIEW

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries with Essie Davis
Unflappable flapper – Phryne Fisher. Pics: Alibi

Rating: ★★★ 

Alibi: starts Monday, 11 February, 10pm

Story: Having just arrived back in Melbourne, Phryne Fisher becomes embroiled in a mystery involving a poisoned husband, cocaine smuggling and illegal abortion.

Here’s the second new Aussie crime series in two months following Fox’s showing of Jack Irish (with Guy Pearce) just before Christmas. However, Miss Fisher is a totally different can of Foster’s.

Detective Robinson in Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Reluctant associate – Detective Robinson (right)

This is a cosy period whodunit, complete with plush 1920s settings and ragtime music, based on Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher detective novels.

Australian actress Essie Davis sports a bob to play the resourceful sleuth Phryne – pronounced Fry-nee – who’s a thoroughly modern private eye, one who’s more mischievous and action-packed than Miss Marple, carrying a pearl-handled pistol and being familiar with the latest gizmo from Marie Stopes.

Rat poison, cocaine, abortion and murder crop up in the opening case of a wealthy man who is bumped off, with the slow-witted cops suspecting the housemaid. Phryne, who has returned to Melbourne after many years abroad, is not so sure young Dot is the perp.

The subplot is that the lady detective has returned to Melbourne to ensure that creepy Murdoch Foyle, the man suspected of being behind her younger sister’s disappearance, never gets out of jail.

It’s all very glossy with period detail and not very convincingly done. But while formulaic, Miss Fisher is a spirited mystery show, and Essie Davis is glamorous and fun as the clever, unflappable flapper.

Cast: Essie Davis Phryne Fisher, Nathan Page Detective John ‘Jack’ Robinson, Ashleigh Cummings Dorothy “Dot” Williams, Tammy MacIntosh Dr Mac

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  1. this did not air on-the-job 11th..

    when will it air

  2. According to Alibi channel’s website it’s Mondays at 10pm.


    Happy viewing.

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