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DSI Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) in the finale of The Fall on BBC2
The murder that went wrong – Stella Gibson on the scene. Pics: BBC
Nice series, shame about the ending, says guest blogger Pat Nurse

OH DEAR. I feel cheated. Even worse, I feel manipulated by the finale which didn’t bring the The Fall to a close. 

Anti-climatic best describes the final episode following the last five weeks of anticipation in which I had hoped to see Spector get what he deserved and DCI Stella Gibson get her man and move on to the next case in the next series. Instead, we’ve get to wait longer for the drama to start again to pick up where this one left off – on yet another cliff-hanger.  

I had a vain hope that it might end with something of a twist when Spector was seen running down the road after the credits began to roll. Was he going to be shot by the Shankhill Road thugs out to get him? That would have been a resolution of sorts. Alas no. It was just a tease.  

It’s a lot of time and emotion to invest only to find out that the saga continues, and in a lot of ways I’m

The serial killer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan)
Losing control – Spector

back where I started in week one. Perhaps I’ll watch it when it returns, perhaps I won’t. BBC2 probably assumes that the viewer will come back because it is the only way we’ll finally get the resolution, which makes me feel manoeuvred.   

Maybe Spector will just walk again and Gibson might just get that tantalising step closer again without feeling the serial killer’s collar. By the time it comes back I’ll either have forgotten what it was all about anyway or I’ll be into something else, or I just won’t want to risk the disappointment a second time around. I’m clearly less forgiving than victim Sarah’s father who appealed to the serial killer’s conscience in hope to persuade him to give himself up.  

I was completely hooked right up until the end. Spector has messed up, left clues in all sorts of places,  and he’s gone to great lengths to cover his tracks. I guess being thought of as a paedophile, after telling his wife he’d been having an affair with the 15 year old babysitter, is marginally better than Sally finding out the truth. His lies allow him to keep control of her and prevent her from making any meaningful choice for herself or her children. Her life is still very much in his hands.  

The red herring of the Olsen assassination part of the plot appears to have fizzled away but whatever is going on with the deeper aspect of it, involving Jim Burns and the Monroes, is something I’m sure will be developed further next time.  

The best scene for me this week was at the police station when murderer and cop momentarily lock

DSI Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) talks to killer Paul Spector in The Fall, BBC2
Phone duel – Stella’s conversation with Spector

onto each other’s gaze. It was a transfer of power. Spector has gone from hunter to hunted and Gibson enjoys the chase as much as he does. He clearly finds her dominance a threat and he doesn’t like not being in control. 

For those who do feel inclined to watch when the next series starts, Stella begins with the advantage. The latest victim has survived, she has a half decent e-fit, she has the lead with Spector’s past student days, and the cover story involving the babysitter is bound to come back to bite him. However, Stella also stands in the way of Spector’s  goals and although blonde, she is very much his type and she could be his ultimate kill – if he dare.
Maybe that balance of power will swing again as the need to raise the stakes shapes the next series.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe that they didn’t recognise the e-fit or the voice from when he was previous,y in the police station? I do hope that the real police would have more of their wits about them if this was a real crime! I don’t think it has done them any justice at all.

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