Dexter’s 10 best moments

Dexter caught in the act by his sister Debs. Pics: Fox

SOME MOMENTS on Dexter (Fox UK, Sundays, 9pm) shock you, and others break your heart. Sometimes you feel your heart beating out of your chest with anticipation or you can’t breathe because you’re so nervous about what will happen. Those shocking moments really make the show.
But sometimes, we see another side of our favourite anti-hero Dexter Morgan. Times when we see him as a human instead of a monster, or when he does the tough things that have to be done.
And these are some of Dexter’s biggest and most redeeming moments. They’re the real reasons we cheer for him and keep watching from the beginning to this year’s final season.

1. Dexter’s first on-screen kill

Debra is key to Dexter’s life

In the opening scene of the first episode of Dexter, we see him on the hunt for a man he deems worthy of his killing code. His first on-screen kill is an absolutely vile choir teacher, and seeing him take out this guy gets viewers on his side right from the beginning.

2. Killing Brian

At the end of season one, Dexter has to choose between his adopted sister Deb and his actual brother Brian (who just so happens to be the Ice Truck Killer, the guy who’s planning to kill Deb). Despite Dexter’s Dark Passenger, he realises that his brother has to go and makes the ultimate decision, therefore saving Deb. Dexter has always said that if there’s one person in the world he’d be capable of loving, it’d be Deb. Here we see the proof.

3. Killing Lila

Dexter and Rita

Season two involves plenty of back and forth with Dexter and Rita and Dexter and Lila. You don’t really know what will happen with Dexter’s ‘love life’, but in the end, Dexter takes out another monster when he goes to Paris to completely finish things with Lila.

4. Dexter with Rita

Rita is one of the first people we see Dexter actually care for. At the beginning of the series, Dexter’s feelings for Rita aren’t completely sincere, but over time they do grow to be real. For someone like Dexter, this is huge. And that makes the Trinity season hurt even more.

He’s behind you! The Trinity Killer

5. Dexter and Trinity

Trinity is undeniably the best Dexter villain. Over the course of the season, the two almost bond… and that bond is what leads to one of Dexter’s greatest mistakes. He lets his guard down and lets Trinity live longer than he should, giving us the biggest season-ending scene ever and one you won’t soon forget.

6. Getting away with murder with Lumen

Dexter with Lumen

The Showtime hit is best when Dexter is in danger of getting caught. In one of his closest calls yet, Dex and Lumen have finally gotten revenge on Jordan Chase, when, of course, Deb walks in. Luckily, the two killers are hidden behind plastic sheets and Deb can’t see who it is and warns them to hurry up because the police will be there soon. It’s a close call, but it shows how much Dexter needed Lumen in his life.

7. Dexter with Harrison

Who would have thought a serial killer like Dexter could raise and care for a child? With Harrison, we

Dex with son Harrison

see a whole new side to Dexter, and he’s like a completely different person. Being a father truly changes him for the better – he starts to think about what he’s doing.

8. When Dexter drops his blood slides

One of those few times you see Dexter show real emotion is when he accidentally drops his prized blood slide box, breaking them all into pieces. As strange as it may sound, it’s heartbreaking to watch him lose something that’s so important to him. You can see (and feel) the hurt on his face as he watches his slides and memories drop to the ground.

Debs finds out the truth about her foster brother

9. When Deb catches Dexter in the act

It was the moment we were all waiting for – the day Deb would find out about Dexter’s secret hobby. Deb walks right into the church as Dexter is ending Travis Marshall’s life. Both of them look completely horrified. It’s definitely not Dexter’s best moment – he should have been much more careful – but it’s one of those unforgettable scenes that take your breath away.

10. Telling Deb the truth

Dexter tries to maintain his relationship with Debra

The incident in the church ends season 6, and season 7 begins with Deb asking Dexter the biggest thing she’s ever asked him: “Are you a serial killer?” Dexter’s got a split second to decide what to say. By coming clean, it shows Dexter’s human side and how much Deb really does mean to him.

With only a few episodes left in the final season, there’s no telling how the show will end. Many more big moments are sure to come!

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