David Tennant filming Gracepoint

HERE’S a shot of David Tennant shooting Gracepoint, the US version of ITV’s Broadchurch, which is being made by Fox. It was taken in Sidney, British Columbia. David is starring alongside Breaking Bad‘s Anna Gunn (who replaces Olivia Colman). His character of DI Alec Hardy has become Detective Emmett Carver, complete with US accent. Carver and his partner Ellie Miller will investigate the killing of young Danny Solano on an idyllic Californian beach. Gracepoint is very much part of the current craze for foreign makeovers – The Bridge (twice), The Office, The Killing, Low Winter Sun, Life on Mars have all had the treatment. Sometimes they work (The Office was brilliant), often they don’t (The Killing). But this one does have a terrifc cast. The 10-parter is expected to air this autumn, so we’ll find out how good it is quite soon. Picture courtesy of Tyson Elder rocktographer.ca

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