Matrioshki, Sky Arts1, Belgian crime drama

Matrioshki, Sky Arts

ARRIVING on Sky Arts1 tonight is the 2005 Belgian crime drama Matrioshki, the story of 10 young impoverished eastern European women lured to Belgium with the promise of a better life.

Confrontation in Matrioshki on Sky Arts

You’ve guessed it. It’s a trap, and prostitution is the name of the game for the gangsters who lure them there. In tonight’s opener (at 10.15pm) the Belgian mafia arrives in Vilnius, Lithuania, and auditions the young women, before asking them to sign a contract – which is written in Greek. Arriving in town at the same time is Nico Maes, a journalist who warns the women not to sign…

I haven’t yet seen Matrioshki – which apparently means doll –  and it sounds like a strong subject. A review will follow soon, but beware of the scenes of sex and violence. A second season followed in 2007.

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