Gomorrah episode 2 PREVIEW

Ciro and ‘that idiot’ Genny

Sky Atlantic: Monday, 11 August, 9pm  

AFTER LAST WEEK’S explosive opener, when Don Pietro ordered his clan, including Ciro, to take revenge against Conte – with general mayhem and slaughter the result – episode 2 finds the Neapolitan gang suspecting that there’s a traitor in their ranks.

A huge consignment of cocaine is discovered by police at the gigantic container port in Naples, so unforgettably described by author Roberto Saviano in his passionate exposé of the Camorra, on which this 12-part series is based.

When Don Pietro learns that the police went straight to the container to find the drug, it’s clear someone has tipped them off. After last week’s carnage in Secondigliano, this disaster puts huge pressure on the boss. So he could do without his pampered son, ‘that idiot’ Genny, destroying cars and writing huge graffiti insults on another gang’s turf.

What, the soldiers want to know, would happen if Pietro were arrested? They’d be under the command of the boss’s stupid heir.

Gomorrah really hits it stride this week. The tension is palpable as all the characters are on edge. Attilio’s widow has harsh words for Ciro, and we see the young pretender’s ruthless side when he is ordered by Pietro to take Genny on a hit to blood him.

Saviano’s book is a passionate and ferocious indictment of the Neapolitan gangs, and this series gives us a frightening insight into the twisted, grisly world he describes.

It all ends in devastating style at the end of the episode, as a huge crisis hits the clan when floundering Pietro’s worst fears are realised.

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