Glue, E4, Yasmin Paige, Jordan Stephens, Kierston Wareing PREVIEW

Tina is an aspiring jockey with a wild side in Glue. Pics: E4

Rating: ★★★

E4: starts Monday, 15 September, 10pm

Story: When the body of a local teenage boy is found underneath the wheels of a tractor, the villagers in the remote community of Overton, including his gang of mates, have their lives thrown into disarray.

GLUE IS A crime drama for young adults, going out on Channel 4’s trendy young sibling network E4. It is – as you’d expect – slick, full of cocky young characters, fast, but with some grit thrown in.

Written by Bafta-winner Jack Thorne (This Is England, Skins, The Fades), Glue is set in the remote rural spot of Overton. But this village, while placid and pleasant-looking, is not the pretty backdrop you get in Lewis or Doc Martin.

Rob is Tina’s boyfriend

It is a green and not-so-pleasant land. The youngsters are bored thrill-seekers, and we meet them enjoying a wild night of naked dares and jumping into grain silos.

Twock ‘n’ roll

Twocking a car, crashing, drugs, sex, more sex and boozing are all crammed into the opening
episode, ramming home the point that these guys are seriously on the edge.

If anything, the waywardness is laid on a little thick. Tina, aged 19, loves horses and wants to be the first female jockey in the Derby, but will happily risk her prospects by breaking the law and thrashing a million-pound horse across the turf, to the fury of her boss.

Ruth is a rookie cop who wants to join the murder investigation

James, 18, works on the family farm, but is neglectful of his role there. Meanwhile, Rob, who’s also 18, is so wild and self-seeking that he’s hard to warm to.

Murder shatters the community

Then there’s Ruth, a mix-raced provisional police constable. She and her Romany mum are estranged from the travelling community.

There’s a harsh reality check for this band of mates when Cal Bray, the 14-year-old brother of one of them, Eli, is found dead under a tractor. So much is going on in this village – there’s even a voyeuristic video of Rob having sex in a barn sent anonymously to him – that the murder mystery is intriguing and set to reverberate through the remaining seven episodes of this series.

Eli is grief-stricken and angry over his brother’s murder

Certainly, it has a good-looking cast that should win over its hip target audience. Jordan Stephens (of Rizzle Kicks), Callum Turner, Charlotte Spencer, Yasmin Paige, Faye Marsay, Jessie Cave and Tommy McDonnell (excellent in the recent prison movie Starred Up) are among its actors, backed up by the likes of Kierston Wareing and Kerry Fox.

Once the characters and story settle down, Glue looks rich enough to become a pretty engrossing ride.

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