Safe House, ITV, Christopher Eccleston


Isolated – Christopher Eccleston in Safe House


He’s a former cop, his remote house offering shelter to a troubled family is ‘safe’ and has security cameras – what could go wrong?

★★★★ ITV, Mondays, 9pm

WITH SO many whodunits, police procedurals and foreign cops on TV these days, it’s a tough ask to come up with something fresh.

Safe House is a thriller that has a good go at doing just that. It has an interesting premise and a magnificent, forbidding setting.

Ex-Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston plays Robert, a former cop living in a secluded, ramshackle house in the Lake District with Katy (Marsha Thomason). Robert’s old colleague Mark (Paterson Joseph) points out that the home they plan to turn into a B&B would make a perfect safe house for people who need protection.

Safe House, ITV, Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston, Marsha Thomason and Paterson Joseph

Troubled family go to the safe house

Robert’s career came to a violent end when he was shot. He still hankers after the life and is haunted by the shooting, so he accepts Mark’s proposal, with Katy’s agreement.

The plot is thickened nicely by the family they must take in. Someone has tried to kidnap prison officer David’s son at a fun fair and then killed a bystander who intervened. Who is this menacing figure, who tells David’s son his name is Mike? And why was David targeted?

David (played by Jason Merrells), his wife and their teenage daughter and young son move into Robert’s house. Meanwhile, David attempts to contact his other son, who is meant to be at uni but seems to be living on the road. David’s violent stalker could also be homing in on the lad.

Christopher Eccleston as Robert

It’s a potent mix of intrigues that unravels at pace. Eccleston, whom we first glimpse swimming in majestic, cold Coniston Lake, makes an appealing lead, a competent man soon facing a situation spiralling into danger. Based on the story of a real couple, Safe House is written and created by Michael Crompton (Kidnap & Ransom, Carrie’s War), and directed by award-winning Marc Evans (Hinterland, Collision).

The four-parter’s big co-star, however, is the wet, lakeside setting, and as the mystery killer closes in, the tension builds remorselessly.

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