New DVDs – Endeavour, Rectify

Endeavour 1-3 DVD 3DEndeavour

ITV’s stylish and intelligent Morse prequel is released on bulk – that includes the latest third series just finished on UK TV, along with the preceding two series as a box set. Shaun Evans as DC Endeavour Morse and Roger Allam as DI Fred Thursday make a good team, the writing is strong and the period detail terrific in all of these sophisticated mysteries. The stakes were certainly high in the most recent outing, when Endeavour had to move on from being framed for a crime he didn’t commit. The setting is the 1967 Summer of Love…

Endeavour Series 3 – Discs: 2,
Cert: 12 – £12.99: Amazon

Endeavour Series 1-3 -Discs: 7
Cert: 12 – £29.99: Amazon

Rectify S2 DVD 3DRectify

The continuing struggle of Daniel Holden (Aden Young) to rebuild his life after having his conviction overturned for the rape and murder of his girlfriend has been a quiet hit. While it hasn’t created a huge stir among viewers yet, the critics have the praised both series of this Southern Gothic legal drama. All agree the first series was riveting, but some claim this second outing is even better as Daniel tries to lay his past to rest.

Rectify Series 2. Discs 3 (10 episodes).
Cert: 15. £14.99: Amazon

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