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Programme Name: Follow the Money (Bedraget) - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 4) - Picture Shows: Mads Justesen (THOMAS BO LARSEN), Alf Rybjerg (THOMAS HWAN) - (C) DR - Photographer: Christian Geisnæs

Shady business – Mads (Thomas Bo Larsen) and Alf (Thomas Hwan)

Saturday night Nordic noir fans are in for another treat with this intricate Danish conspiracy thriller

★★★★ BBC4, Saturday, 19 March, 9pm

THE LATEST Scandinavian crimer to come in from the cold on BBC4 is this multi-stranded thriller about boardroom corruption.

Programme Name: Follow the Money (Bedraget) - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. Generics) - Picture Shows: Mads Justesen (THOMAS BO LARSEN) - (C) DR - Photographer: Christian Geisnæs

Mads man: Thomas Bo Larsen in the show’s title sequence

Where part of our devotion to previous Nordic hits such as The Killing and more recently Trapped has been their twist of Scandi-otherness, Follow the Money is not so alien. Smarmy suits from banks and corporations ripping off the public have been popular hate-figures everywhere since the 2008 crash.

But this Danish production is certainly different from most UK series in the skill and ambition it shows in telling a broad story told through characters ranging from car thieves and Ukrainian migrant workers, to the police, lawyers and onto company chairmen.

A body is washed up near a wind farm. On the scene is police detective Mads (Thomas Bo Larsen). When a bag is spotted floating in the sea, Mads, who’s not the type of guy to hang about, strips off and dives in. The bag reveals that the dead man worked for Energreen, one of Denmark’s top energy firms, run by the slick operator Sander (Nikolaj Lie Kaas).

Natalie Madueño Wolfsberg as Claudia

Programme Name: Follow the Money (Bedraget) - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 1) - Picture Shows: Claudia Moreno (NATALIE MADUEÑO WOLFSBERG), Alexander “Sander” Sødergren (NIKOLAJ LIE KAAS) - (C) DR - Photographer: Christian Geisnæs

Power games: Claudia and Sander

Mads suspects Energreen is breaking the law in failing to protect Ukrainian migrant workers on their wind farm, but runs into roadblocks when trying to get his boss to back his investigation.

Meanwhile, in the Energreen legal department, high-flyer Claudia (Natalie Madueño Wolfsberg) is having trouble with her boss as well, who likes to take all the credit for her successes. When he then asks her to help him investigate Sander for corruption, she is plunged into a dangerous game against Energreen’s boss.

The title, of course, refers back to All the President’s Men and the Watergate Scandal, when the investigative reporters who cracked the case were told by a whistleblower to follow the money trail. It neatly encapsulates this quality drama’s air of paranoia and double-dealing.

The storytelling is intricate and the characters compelling. The series is created by Jeppe Gjervig Gram, who was co-writer on Borgen. The opening episode concludes with a neat twist that ups the ante beautifully for the forthcoming instalments.

That’s Saturday nights taken care of by BBC4 one again.

Programme Name: Follow the Money (Bedraget) - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. Generics) - Picture Shows: Claudia Moreno (NATALIE MADUEÑO WOLFSBERG) - (C) DR - Photographer: Christian Geisnæs

Crying foul: Is Claudia in too deep?

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