The return of Blade to TV screens?

Blade TV series

At the sharp end – the cast of Blade

ALTHOUGH WE usually prefer to cover crime TV series that are rooted in the here and now, one of our favourite fantasy crime series looks like it could be making a comeback.

This is because Marvel have reportedly regained the rights to the Blade franchise. Already the internet is awash with rumours that the vampire-hunting crime drama could be making a return to our screens.

Blade: The Series originally ran on the Spike TV network for just 13 episodes in 2006. It wasn’t perfect, but it did provide a new aesthetic for our television screens with the desolate backdrop of Detroit providing a template for future TV hits such as The Walking Dead.

Wesley Snipes

Flagging audience numbers were the main reason why the network decided not to renew the series. It had always faced a struggle as it followed on from the trilogy of Blade movies that saw Wesley Snipes making the role of half-blood vampire hunter his own.

And while the casting of Kirk ‘Sticky Fingaz’ Jones, from the hip-hop group Onyx, may have been a bold move, there were plenty of critics who blamed his uninspired acting as one of the reasons for the TV series’ failure.

Despite the demise of Blade: The Series, there’s been an endless range of vampiric themes in popular culture that suggest the time could be ripe for the show’s rebirth.

The Vampire Diaries

The wildly successful The Vampire Diaries has been one of the biggest hits for teen audiences of recent times. And when you realise that the Bloodsuckers slots game at the MrSmithCasino website has revealed the public has an unfailing fascination for these ghoulish creatures, it seems as though the time could be right for a return of the Blade TV series.

This is especially so as Marvel is making some impressive moves to ensure their comic book heroes start to dominate a greater share of our TV schedules.

2017 looks to bring us suitably muscle-bound stars like Iron Fist and The Punisher. The promising Legion TV show reveals that Marvel could be increasingly willing to push the boundaries of their already popular television universe.

So although the previous instalments of Blade: The Series may have only hinted at the potential of the franchise, it’s hoped that future efforts can take inspiration from the slots games and give us a real winner!

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