The Hunt for the 60s’ Ripper

TELEVISION has offered several superb true-crime documentaries and dramas recently.

Making a Murderer and The Keepers have been thought-provoking and absorbing. Meanwhile, dramas such as Code of a Killer and Rillington Place have sensitively explored crimes that seem inexplicable and shocking.

I have now made a contribution to the true-crime bookshelves with The Hunt for the 60s’ Ripper. This is a reinvestigation into a shocking unsolved series of murders from the 1960s – and one that today is largely forgotten.

More victims than Jack the Ripper

The Nude Killings occurred in west London in 1964-65 and saw six prostitutes murdered and left naked in public places. The unknown culprit, indelicately called Jack the Stripper by the media at the time, claimed more victims than Jack the Ripper 77 years previously.

In addition, two other killings – in 1959 and 1963 – were tentatively linked to the tally.

The killing spree sparked the biggest police manhunt ever seen, with hundreds of officers scouring west London for the perpetrator, including WPCs disguised as prostitutes. 

Swinging London’s dark secret

It is an extraordinary case, touching the Kray gang and the Profumo Scandal. London was Swinging – the Beatles were performing at the Hammersmith Odeon that year and the Who were making a name for themselves in clubs around the Goldhawk Road. Meanwhile, a calculating killer was stalking those same streets for vulnerable women in the sex trade.

Why was he never caught? Who might it have been? And why is this shocking case unknown to many people these days?

These questions are all explored in The Hunt for the 60s’ Ripper, which is currently on discount – £3.85 – on Amazon and at Tesco.

Oh, and one or two TV producers have been prompted by the book to consider the case for a new series…


  1. Tamer howard says:

    I have counted on this website for news and previews of current and upcoming crime series for the past couple years, but this year you have failed me. So far this year you have failed to update your new series of 2017 outside of recently posting Top of the Lake and that you’re watching series 2 of Fargo when the 3rd series has already aired in its entirety. To now see you promoting your own work is disappointing. Had you kept up on all the new series for 2017 I’d be thrilled for and supportive of your latest venture. But, not having kept this website up to date and now promoting you’re own work makes it just feel like I’ve fallen into another self indulagent website. Please go back to the basics with which you started and post more about current and upcoming crime shows.

    • robinjarossi says:

      Apologies, Tamer. You are quite right – I have not been as active on CTP as I would have liked. The reason is simple – writing a book, a blog and earning living at work is impossible. To complete the book I had to cut down on the blog. I hope now to devote more time to CTP and hope you will stick with it.

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