Shoestring: Complete Series on DVD

DVD ★★★

Release date: 16 October
RRP: £59.99
Discs: 6
From Network

NOSTALGIA FANS are in for a treat with the re-release of this fondly remembered series. Trevor Eve stars in an early breakthrough role as the radio presenter and ‘Private Ear’ Eddie Shoestring.

The series, created by Robert Banks Stewart (who went on to create Bergerac too), was a big hit in 1979-80 for the BBC. It also has Michael Medwin as Shoestring’s long-suffering boss at Radio West, Liz Crowther as station receptionist Sonia and Doran Godwin as Eddie’s landlady and part-time lover.
The fun begins when Radio West receives poison-pen letters and Eddie, a private detective, is called in to investigate. He ends up with a job as a presenter who helps the public solve cases affecting them.
British TV stalwarts such as Diana Dors, Harry H Corbett, Geraldine James, Christopher Biggins, Toyah Willcox and Celia Imrie are among those who put in an appearance.
How does it stand up? There are a lot of bubble perms and some dire acting in places. It’s meant to be noirish, but Shoestring is terribly uncool as the protagonist. But the biggest mystery is how Radio West, playing hits from the 1930s, manages to get any listeners.
The pace is also pretty slow. This one is strictly for devotees who remember it well. It includes a book on the making of the show.

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