Gomorrah 3, Sky Atlantic

Gomorrah, Series 03, Unit Stills, Salavtore Esposito as Genny Savastano, © 2017 Beta Film

Long live the king – Salavtore Esposito, right, as Genny Savastano

Trigger fingers at the ready for another season of family business – Neapolitan-style


Sky Atlantic, Wednesday, 31 January, 9pm

SEE NAPLES and die – which is what a lot of people do in Gomorrah. As the third series hits Sky Atlantic, the fallout from the assassination of boss Don Pietro Savastano begins.

The episode opens in typical style, with an overhead shot of the Don’s bloody body. Genny, his son, once seen as the bumbling dolt, is now nastier and in charge. The new Don.

Long Live the King, this opener is called. And that brilliantly captures the chaos and blood-letting that surrounds the change of regime amid flying accusations.

Can Genny stay in control of Secondigliano?

Gomorrah, Series 03, Unit Stills, © 2017 Beta Film

End of the Don – Pietro

Genny could be about to take control of the Secondigliano area of the city. But can he get a grip of his clan’s hardened soldiers? And can he convince the Camorra’s ruling council that he is the man for the job.

This acclaimed Italian drama, based on Roberto Saviano‘s excellent non-fiction book, first reached us in 2014. It is worth catching for its authentic feel. Shot on the streets of the Neapolitan suburbs, it is mean and menacing.

This is a world of grim public housing estates, cut-throat rivalries and power-crazed machinations.

Salvatore Esposito as Genny

Gomorrah, Series 03, Unit Stills, © 2017 Beta Film

Tension – Patrizia and Genny

Believe me, it is no advert for the lifestyle. Those who grab the throne are immediately under siege. This is also a world in which family can harbour the most brutal betrayal.

Not all of the acting is good. Salvatore Esposito as Genny, for example, is one-dimensional. But he is surrounded by a rich gallery of performers.

It is an adrenalin-pounding season opener, with a stunning twist and shift of power before the end. Revenge served cold, indeed.

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