Inspector Borowski, All 4/Walter Presents

Inspector Borowski on Walter Presents

An inspector calls – Borowski

German procedural that lacks the brooding intrigue of Nordic noir

★★½ All 4/Walter Presents, streaming from Friday, 16 September

SINCE THE KILLING revolutionised our viewing habits back in 2011, we’ve covered foreign-language series based in Italy, France, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Iceland, Switzerland, Croatia and even Montenegro. But during these five years Germany has not featured – until now.

So over on All 4’s Walter Presents foreign strand is Inspector Borowski, starring Alex Milberg as the ‘lone-wolf, perfectionist’ detective. The first story is Borowski and a Matter of Pure Taste.

On the basis of the opening episode, I would say the Germans have a lot to learn from their Nordic counterparts. Borowski is dated and a little plodding.

New female partner

Even the story, about an investigation into the death of a teenager after he has an energy drink packed with too many E numbers, doesn’t really make you sit up enthralled.

Borowski himself, who operates in the port city of Kiel,  just doesn’t jump out of the screen as a character, largely because the actor is given so little to do apart from wandering around asking questions. Oh, and he drives a knackered old VW.

However, while some dark and disturbing cases in coming weeks might inject real intrigue, the opener falls a little flat. Perhaps when Borowski gets his new female partner, Sarah Brandt (Sibel Kekilli), there will be a little chemistry to get things going, otherwise I can’t wait for the next German series.

Wolf Creek, TV spinoff on Fox

A serial killer’s roaming the Outback in this pacy TV adaptation

★★★½ Fox, Tuesday, 30 August, 10pm

IF THIS new series sounds familiar, that’s because it’s a spin-off from the 2005 film about an Outback psycho terrorising backpackers. There was also a sequel.

Its director, Greg McLean, returns with this briskly paced six-parter. Actor John Jarratt also reprises his role as said psycho, Mick Taylor.

This time round the victims are a holidaying American family, consisting of dad, mom and their children – a young lad and 19-year-old Eve (Lucy Fry). The reason I haven’t named the rest of Eve’s family is that they are brutally murdered by Mick before the opening credits. Eve just manages to elude Taylor, who believes she has become ‘croc bait’.

Dustin Clare as Detective Hill

Detective Sullivan Hill (Dustin Clare) is keen to ship Eve back home and get on with tracking down the man behind the atrocity. While his colleagues have their doubts about Eve’s version of events, Hill has bigger worries.

Namely, could the murder of Eve’s family be connected to disappearances across the territories in recent years?

However, more immediately he has to deal with Eve, who has run off with his case files, determined to track down the killer on her own.

John Jarratt as psycho Taylor

Wolf Creek has its rough edges, but it is gripping. The photography is stunning too, playing on the mystery of the beautiful but deadly Outback, as movies have done all the way back to 1971’s Walkabout.

Eve’s motivation as vigilante is a bit flimsy – she doesn’t even seem to get on that well with her dad in the few minutes he’s on screen. But Jarratt is chilling as Mick, who, like real-life monster Fred West, uses his bumpkin folksiness as a cloak for his homicidal intent.


19-2 Canadian cop series arrives on DVD

19-2 SERIES / SPHÈRE MÉDIA Photos : Bertrand Calmeau

Thin blue line: Barron and Chartier in 19-2

5439THIS NEW Canadian series reminds us of Southland with its on-the-beat depiction of a patrol cops, veering from darkly humorous to just dark. Starring Adrian Holmes and Jared Keeso as Nick Barron and Ben Chartier, who work for Service de police de la Ville de Montréal, dealing with crime on the streets, station politics and their personal problems. The series went out on Spike TV in the UK and, while not as polished as the superb Southland, certainly packs a lot of action and some decent characters. If you missed it on Spike, series one is now coming out on DVD on 21 September (RRP £19.99).

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