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DVD roundup – Lewis Complete Boxset, The Killing (US), The Fall 2, The Missing

Crime series releases on DVD – autumn 2014

Vera series 1-4; Chasing Shadows series 1; The Professionals series 2 on Blu-ray; The Hour of the Lynx

Spies of Warsaw

David Tennant reveals another side of his versatility in this 1930s-set thriller when he turns dashing French spy in pre-war Poland. 

Quincy, ME and the Jack Taylor Collection

Series 3 of Quincy and the Jack Taylor Collection, consisting of three films – The Guards, The Pikemen and The Magdalen Martyrs.

Tinker, Tailor/Smiley’s People DVD boxset 

As you’d expect from a famous old spy tale, appearances are deceptive here. Watch the opening episode of Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy and it seems very dated at first. The pace is slow, the actors old, and the story and settings dingy. By episode two, the jolt of watching a series from 30 years ago passes
and the strengths of this acclaimed production will get their hooks into
most viewers. 

Garrow’s Law DVD boxset series 1 & 2

As series three of Garrow’s Law
comes to a finish on BBC1 – following a very emotional episode three in
which Alun Armstrong’s solicitor John Southouse died – along comes the
boxset featuring the complete series one and two.

Luther DVD boxset series 1 & 2

When the Beeb went to novelist Neil Cross to commission a new police
drama they apparently asked for an ‘iconic character’, like ITV’s Morse.
Cross dreamed up a detective who symbolised the maverick as
out-of-control avenger in

The Persuaders Blu-ray

People of a certain age become misty-eyed over The Persuaders!, recalling how the family settled down round the box on Sunday evenings just as John Barry’s superb theme music began.

Regan starring John Thaw on Blu-ray.

Forget Gene Hunt and Life and Mars. If you want the original bad copper in no-nonsense flares you should track down Regan, the 1974 pilot for The Sweeney starring John Thaw, which is being released on Blu-ray.


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