Lee Child talks about the casting controversy of Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher in One Shot (release date December 2012). The author spoke entertainingly about the hoohah at Crimefest in Bristol in May 2012. 

British author David Hewson, well known for his detective series about Italian detective Nic Costa, turns his attention to Scandi crime, turning The Killing into a novel. I interviewed David Hewson about how he turned Sarah Lund into a character on the page, and tied up some loose ends from the acclaimed TV series.

Law & Order: UK lead writer Emilia di Girolamo   Emilia di Girolamo, the lead writer on series 5 of Law & Order: UK, is promising some of the most explosive and heart-rending stories yet seen on the show.

Single-Handed creator Barry Simner The writer talks about creating rugged, uncomfortable stories for his Irish crime series, and why US crime series are better than the UK’s (Huffington Post interview).


Interview with Romanzo Criminale director Stefano Sollima ‘I wanted to have something that was glamorous sometimes, but normally really tough and realistic.’


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