19-2 Canadian cop series arrives on DVD

19-2 SERIES / SPHÈRE MÉDIA Photos : Bertrand Calmeau

Thin blue line: Barron and Chartier in 19-2

5439THIS NEW Canadian series reminds us of Southland with its on-the-beat depiction of a patrol cops, veering from darkly humorous to just dark. Starring Adrian Holmes and Jared Keeso as Nick Barron and Ben Chartier, who work for Service de police de la Ville de Montréal, dealing with crime on the streets, station politics and their personal problems. The series went out on Spike TV in the UK and, while not as polished as the superb Southland, certainly packs a lot of action and some decent characters. If you missed it on Spike, series one is now coming out on DVD on 21 September (RRP £19.99).

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