Inspector Borowski, All 4/Walter Presents

Inspector Borowski on Walter Presents

An inspector calls – Borowski

German procedural that lacks the brooding intrigue of Nordic noir

★★½ All 4/Walter Presents, streaming from Friday, 16 September

SINCE THE KILLING revolutionised our viewing habits back in 2011, we’ve covered foreign-language series based in Italy, France, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Iceland, Switzerland, Croatia and even Montenegro. But during these five years Germany has not featured – until now.

So over on All 4’s Walter Presents foreign strand is Inspector Borowski, starring Alex Milberg as the ‘lone-wolf, perfectionist’ detective. The first story is Borowski and a Matter of Pure Taste.

On the basis of the opening episode, I would say the Germans have a lot to learn from their Nordic counterparts. Borowski is dated and a little plodding.

New female partner

Even the story, about an investigation into the death of a teenager after he has an energy drink packed with too many E numbers, doesn’t really make you sit up enthralled.

Borowski himself, who operates in the port city of Kiel,  just doesn’t jump out of the screen as a character, largely because the actor is given so little to do apart from wandering around asking questions. Oh, and he drives a knackered old VW.

However, while some dark and disturbing cases in coming weeks might inject real intrigue, the opener falls a little flat. Perhaps when Borowski gets his new female partner, Sarah Brandt (Sibel Kekilli), there will be a little chemistry to get things going, otherwise I can’t wait for the next German series.

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