Top of the Lake: China Girl

Programme Name: Top Of The Lake: China Girl - TX: n/a - Episode: Top Of The Lake: China Girl (No. Generics) - Picture Shows: Detective Robin Griffin [ELISABETH MOSS] - (C) See-Saw Films (TOTL2) Holdings Pty Ltd - Photographer: Grant Matthews

Dark twist: Detective Robin Griffin (Elisabeth Moss)

Top-quality drama, set in Sydney, sees the return of detective Robin Griffin


BBC2, starts Thursday, 27 July, 9pm

JANE CAMPION’S Top of the Lake returns and it really is a distinctive drama. It unsettles and then slowly immerses you in a troubling scenario involving the sex trade and murder.

Detective Robin Griffin, played by Mad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss again, returns to Sydney after her four traumatic years in New Zealand. It was there that she dealt with the child sex-ring case, which was dealt with in the original 2013 series.

She is fragile and struggling after her experiences, not helped by the sniggers and chauvinism of her colleagues in Sydney. She is also still haunted by the daughter she gave up at birth. However, it is a frosty welcome that she gets. Even her brother Liam turfs her out of his flat when he needs her room back.

Gwendoline Christie as Miranda

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Cliff-hanger – Detective Robin Griffin [Elisabeth Moss], Miranda Hilmarson (Gwendoline Christie)

Her cop partner, Miranda (Game of Thrones‘ Gwendoline Christie) is one of her few allies. Robin’s hope is that by throwing herself into work she will find some equilibrium again.

She is confronted by a disturbing case. The body of a young woman is swept onto Bondi Beach. While there seems little chance of finding the killer of ‘China Girl’, Robin discovers that the victim did not die alone. The case drags her into the seedier, darker recesses of the city.

Oscar-winning director Jane Campion has created and written a brooding, engrossing six-part series. She lets the story unfold visually in passages without dialogue, pulling you in as you become curious about the characters’ lives.

Nicole Kidman as Julia

Programme Name: Top Of The Lake: China Girl - TX: n/a - Episode: First Look (No. First Look) - Picture Shows: Julia (NICOLE KIDMAN) - (C) See Saw Productions Australia - Photographer: Sally Bongers

Controlling mother – Julia (Nicole Kidman)

Among them are Mary (Alice Englert), a student with an enigmatic ‘professor boyfriend’ Puss (David Dencik). She is the difficult adopted daughter of Julia (Nicole Kidman) and Pyke (Ewen Leslie).

Several storylines overlap, including one in which a group of sleazy young men compare notes on sex workers they use who advertise themselves on the internet.

It is a menacing world for Robin Griffin to get into, but a gripping and brilliantly made drama for us to follow.

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