Braquo series 3, Fox, PREVIEW

Explosive start – Vachewski’s car is blown up in Braquo. Pics: Fox TV

Rating: ★★★

Fox: starts Tuesday, 20 May, 9pm

Story: After his car blew up, Theo was taken to hospital in a critical state. Caplan and Morlighem go to Vogel’s place, determined to avenge their companion. 

BRAQUO is not so much a TV drama as a graphic pulp novel with live actors. It’s violent,

Roxane and Eddy

unbelievable, silly and – if you’re in the mood – fairly enjoyable.

Main man is, of course,  Eddy Caplan, the macho Paris cop who doesn’t so much sail close to the edge as jump straight off.

He and his team – Vachewski, Morlighem and Delgado – were happy to break the law in series one to clear the name of their chum Max Rossi, and spent much of the remaining episodes since then fending off internal affairs when not cracking the heads of villains.

Another murder spree – by the cops

As series three opens, Caplan and co are haring off to murder Vogel, whom Caplan suspects of blowing up Vachewski’s car at the end of series two. They find Vogel’s house empty, and back at the station their boss, Michelle Bernardi, has to beg them not to inflict their own justice on Vogel. The fact that murder is illegal doesn’t, of course, cloud Caplan’s judgement.

When they give Bernardi the gallic shrug, she has to blackmail them into desisting by threatening to have Morlighem’s kids handed over to social services. They certainly do things differently en France…

Strangers to Braquo may get the impression that Roland Vogel, the shaven-headed sneering psychopath of the piece, is a career baddie. But this being Braquo, a murderer/bomber/nutjob such as Vogel could only be working for the police internal affairs bureau.

Vogel and Oriane

He teams up with a new ally in series three, Oriane Beridze. When not trying to destroy Caplan, these

Working closely together – Vogel and Oriane

two are usually beating each other up, pulling knives – ‘Put your dick away, I’ve seen enough of it today,’ she tells him, referring to his switchblade – and blackmailing each other.

Meanwhile, Caplan is contacted by an old lag he helped to put away. Vibert tells Caplan of a trafficking network run by the Russian mafia, and you just know that, as usual in Braquo-land, there’s more to this than meets the eye and much bone-crunching, cigarette-smoking and swearing are to follow.

Downton Abbey it ain’t.

Cast: Jean-Hugues Anglade Eddy Caplan, Nicolas Duvauchelle Théo Vachewski, Joseph Malerba Walter Morlighem, Karole Rocher Roxane Delgado, Lizzie Brochere Oriane Beridze

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